MIT J-WAFS Solutions Grants

In collaboration with MIT J-WAFS, the MIT Deshpande Center manages the J-WAFS Solutions program to help MIT faculty and students commercialize breakthrough technologies and inventions by transforming promising ideas at MIT into innovative products and cutting-edge spinout companies.

The J-WAFS Solutions program is sponsored by Community Jameel, which is represented on the governing committee of the program.  J-WAFS Solutions has the mission of moving water and food technologies from labs at MIT into the commercial world, where they will improve the productivity, accessibility, and sustainability of the world's water and food systems.

Projects are required to align with J-WAFS' strategic research focus around water and food supply; research should be aimed at conceptualizing and developing products and services that will have a significant impact on water and food security, with related economic and societal benefits.

J-WAFS Solutions will award one-year grants of up to $150,000 to up to three (3) research projects that support the J-WAFS mission and support the transition of food and water technologies from MIT labs to market.

All applicants must submit a pre-proposal via the online grant submission system.