Deshpande-Masdar Institute Grants


Now in its fourth grant year, the Masdar Institute & MIT Innovation Program (MMIP) helps MIT and Masdar Institute faculty and students, who propose to work jointly, to prepare to commercialize breakthrough technologies and inventions by transforming promising ideas at MIT and Masdar Institute into innovative products and cutting-edge spinout companies. The MMIP makes modest but pivotal investments in research that is being done by some of MIT’s and Masdar Institute's most talented scientists and engineers, bringing technology one step closer to commercialization.

In the MMIP program, Ignition Grants of $50,000 are awarded to MIT researchers, and approximately $50,000 to Masdar Institute researchers. These grants are open only to MIT and MI faculty with Principal Investigator (PI) status working jointly.

Selection criteria for MMIP Ignition Grants must align with one of Masdar Institute's strategic research areas (listed below).

  • Sustainable Energy Systems: includes building technology, renewable energy, mapping and assessment, energy generation, transport, and use
  • Water Advanced Technologies and Environmental Research: includes desalination, water technologies, sustainable bioenergy research, and environmental related research activities
  • Microsystems: includes microelectronics and related technologies
  • Smart Systems: includes smart grids, smart materials, sustainable cities, and infrastructure

All applicants must submit a pre-proposal via the online grant submission system and identify the pre-proposal as associated with Masdar.