George Mabry

Consultant and Investor

George Mabry focuses on early stage companies in medical, software, and B2B industries. Bio

Bob Mason

Argon Ventures
Managing Partner

Bob Mason leads pre-seed, deep-tech investments to launch products and build businesses. Bio

Jerome Meier

Akeso Biomedical, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer and Consultant

Jerome Meier holds senior strategic and operating roles in international business. Bio

Matthew M. Nordan

Prime Impact Fund
Managing Director

Matthew Nordan is an investor, advisor and analyst for early stage companies, especially related to climate innovation. Bio

Lori Pressman

Consultant and Advisor

Lori Pressman brings intellectual property, scientific, and business development expertise to the Deshpande table. Bio

Stan Reiss

General Partner
Matrix Partners

Stan Reiss focuses on early stage investments across technology sectors. Bio

John Ripple

Ripple Biotech, LLC

John Ripple has been CEO of five biotechs, and his LLC advises biopharmaceuticals. Bio

Marc Rudoltz

MSR Healthcare Consultants LLC

Marc Rudoltz provides executive support to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Bio

Jason Sager

Sagely Health

Jason Sager is an oncology physician-scientist with more than 20 years of clinical and drug development experience. Bio

Mark Shu

Innovation Director

Mark Shu is active in sustainable energy development. Bio

Eric Swanson

Research Affiliate

Eric Swanson holds managerial posts in academic, industrial, and nonprofit organizations. Bio

Jack Turner

Technology Licensing Advisor

Prior to retiring, Jack Turner was the Senior Associate Director of MIT's TLO. Bio

Anna Voronova

Research Collaboration Manager

Dr. Anna Voronova’s experience spans many biotech and pharma companies. Bio

Josh Wachman

Nor’easter Ventures
Managing Director

Josh Wachman is a technical generalist with spikes of expertise in computer vision and machine learning. Bio

Jeffrey Wiesen


Jeffrey Wiesen consults with management teams of biotech companies. Bio

Darshana Zaveri

Catalyst Health Ventures
Managing Partner

Darshana Zaveri leads investments in early stage healthcare. Bio